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  • Congo sues Norway for $500 BILLION dollars!

    In the Republic of Congo, a surreal scenario is playing out: Two Norwegian citizens, Tjostolv Moland and Joshua French, have been jailed, apparently due to involvement in a murderscene in which an innocent cabdriver was killed.

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  • What does Microsoft have against black people?

    Every now and then, a Megacorp does something really stupid. Founded in 1975, you'd think Microsoft knew their way around international business by now - but then something like this shows up...

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  • Uncovered: The Truth Behind the AT&T 4chan-Block

    The 4Chan thing was basicly a bunch of ignorant back-end network guys - primarily led by one guy - that claimed there was a SYN flood from an IP range in the 4chan IP blocks. The idiots flat out blocked the IP range, most likely thinking to themselves that...

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  • AT&T lifts 4chan-block, raid suspended

    In a surprisingly swift move, AT&T has lifted the blockade of and its «/b/»-section.

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  • AT&T blocks 4chan

    Reports are spreading that AT&T is now blocking's «/b/»-section.

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  • SSB og fri informasjonsflyt

    Følg saken på Twitter: #ssbdata I internett sin spede begynnelse runget krigsropet «Information wants to be free» blant cyber-aktivistene. Mottoet henspeilte på revolusjonen som internett representerte, og måten samfunnet og informasjonsvoktere måtte tilpasse seg dette nye mediet. Mange følte seg sikkert truet av dette (og noen er det fortsatt),...

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